Silicone Baby Tray with Lid

2 Methods Silicone Baby Trays Revolutionize Feeding Time:

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Like numerous beginning mothers and fathers speedily find out, feeding young toddlers is no straightforward job. It can be an exhausting and messy process. There is not often a feeding time that does not stop in foodstuff all more than your consuming surfaces and the baby. As young youngsters are increasing and creating, they typically use their fingers to explore and find out. This is true for the duration of feeding time as well. Babies enjoy picking up and knocking more than tiny things in entrance of them, especially if they have foodstuff in them. This is exactly where the new Silicone Baby Tray measures in to help save the working day.

Ultimate Kitchen produced an substitute to feeding toddlers with traditional dishes. Their new line of Silicone Baby Trays adhere down to whatever consuming area you are at so your youngsters can’t knock more than any foodstuff. The business designed their most recent items to have different attributes to drastically boost mealtime for equally you and your youngsters.

one.Built in Suction Cups Retains the Silicone Baby Tray in Location

The one hundred% foodstuff quality, BPA cost-free silicone baby feeding tray has 4 created in suction cups that are designed to adhere to any challenging area your family members is consuming on. When the suction cups are pressed down they grip onto the area and hold the whole foodstuff tray in spot as the baby eats. With a smooth, one-piece layout, your child won’t be able to seize the feeding tray to decide it up or knock more than the contents within!

The suction cups are also designed to attach to any area to make the use of the Silicone Baby Tray adaptable. The scaled-down foodstuff tray is the perfect dimension for most highchairs producing it excellent for the young youngsters in the family members.

two.The Silicone Baby Tray’s Built in Placemat Minimizes Mess

The Silicone Baby Tray was also designed to have a bordering placemat that the foodstuff compartments are created in to. The placemat of the bigger feeding tray is the very same dimension as a normal placemat for consuming at a table. This dimension is perfect for young children consuming at the table with the rest of the family members. When consuming moist foodstuff like apple sauce or spaghetti, mothers and fathers really do not want to fret about their children receiving foodstuff exterior of the foodstuff compartments because the created in placemat will capture any dropped foodstuff. This dimension is excellent for young youngsters just understanding how to use utensils. Dad and mom can look at their children learn the new skill of employing forks and spoons to feed on their own without stressing about the mess. When your child is done consuming, just decide up the whole tray all in one.
three.The Silicone Baby Tray Arrives with a Transportable Lid
Dad and mom typically dread having their young children to a cafe or any other community consuming spot. It is typically challenging to find foodstuff for toddlers on a normal menu and many mothers and fathers are embarrassed about the mess their youngsters go away guiding. With the Silicone Baby Tray, an accompanying lid and bag can make it achievable to transport your kid’s favorite foods and treats without leaks to a cafe or play date. Dad and mom won’t have to fret about picky eaters when they provide exactly what the child loves to try to eat at home.

The new Silicone Baby Tray from Ultimate Kitchen is available now on Amazon.

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